BLAW 23 24 - BLAW 4-8-09 CH 23 & 24 CH 23 Consumer...

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BLAW 4-8-09 CH 23 Consumer Protection 1. What is bait and switch advertising? Advertising a very low price for an item that won’t be available to the customer, who will then be encouraged to buy a more expensive item. 2. What is counter advertising? (2Q) Requiring a company to advertise anew, in print, radio, and tv to inform the public about the earlier misconceptions. 3. What are the two agencies that enforce labeling and packaging rules? 4. What law requires that standard nutrition facts be places on a products label? Nutrition labeling and Advertising Act of 1990 5. May a consumer who receives unsolicited merchandise in the mail keep it without any obligation? Yes, the item can be kept, discarded, used, or disposed of. 6. Does regulation Z apply to credit transactions? ( ?) credit provisions with sales contracts; 7. What’s the significance of four installments regarding credit disclosure? 8. Does the truth in lending act protect only debtors who are natural persons? yes 9. Is there any credit law that would apply to a person buying a car neighbors? No? 10. Under what law can someone get information on their credit history? Fair Credit Report Act 11. Recognize a violation of the fair debt practices act? (3Q) Curbs abuses by collection agencies. 1. Contacting the debtor’s job if the employer objects. 2.
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BLAW 23 24 - BLAW 4-8-09 CH 23 & 24 CH 23 Consumer...

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