BLAW CH 25 - BLAW CH 25 1. What does the term land legally...

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BLAW CH 25 1. What does the term land legally include? Surface soil, natural products or artificial structures attached to it, waters on or under, and airspace. 2. What is the general rule with respect to fixtures in a sale of real estate? Personal property attached to land – must be intended; are intended unless otherwise agreed to 3. What is a Fee Simple Absolute? Owner has greatest aggregation of rights, privileges and power possible 4. What is a Tenancy for years? Express contract (can be oral) property leased for a specific period (ex 1yr lease) 5. May a Tenancy for Years be created by express contract? yes 6. What are Tenants in Common? Co-ownership with 2+ ppl; undivided interest in whole property 7. What’s the meaning of Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship? Undivided interest in whole property, deceased joint tenant passes ownership 8. What’re Tenants by the Entirety? 9. What’s a Profit? Right to go onto land and take away a part of the land or product of 10. What’s an Easement? Right of a person to make limited use of another’s property without taking anything 11. What’s Restrictive Covenant? Private restriction of use of land 12. What is a License? Revocable right of a person to come onto another’s land 13. What’s a Growth Management Ordinance? limits permits so an area cant outgrow itself; until an area declines in population or public works
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BLAW CH 25 - BLAW CH 25 1. What does the term land legally...

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