BritpopSyl09 - May 25, 2009 Greetings. Thanks for signing...

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May 25, 2009 Greetings. Thanks for signing up for the “Britpop” course in CCSA’s London Summer program. I’m Paul Fischer, your instructor, a Professor in the Department of Recording Industry at Middle Tennessee State U. (MTSU). One of the best things about studying popular music is that, to some degree, we’re all experts. By sharing our various knowledge and passions about popular music, we will all come away from this experience with a deeper and richer appreciation of popular music as an element of British culture and our own. The field of popular music studies, whose theories and methodologies we’ll be employing, is better developed in Britain than the U.S. so we’ll try to make best use of the resources at our disposal there. I’m arranging for us to meet some scholars in England who will help broaden our perspectives. The prospect of these interactions and visiting British sites is truly exciting and will surely yield some one-of-a-kind experiences. That’s the bottom line. This course takes popular music seriously AS culture. We will be looking at its role in British culture particularly since the 1960s. I encourage you to bring CD’s (or iPods with speakers) with you that might help flesh out this story-- I don’t know or own it all. Also, take a look at the individual presentation assignment and think ahead about who you’ll want to talk about. Be sure to plan your in-class presentation IN ADVANCE . It will fit the course best if it is a British artist. Bringing materials from home will enrich your presentation. Both textbooks are readily available (Amazon had both, cheap!), but local stores might only have one copy. You are advised to read Ready Steady Go! by Shawn Levy before we leave , it will get you excited about London. It’s probably a good idea to purchase the second one in advance too. This is Manchester,England: The Story Of the Popcult City by Dave Haslam. We will use it later in the course, when we get to Britpop and Indie. I’ve got a great lineup of field
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This note was uploaded on 04/27/2009 for the course RIM 4510 taught by Professor Fischer during the Spring '09 term at Middle Tennessee State University.

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BritpopSyl09 - May 25, 2009 Greetings. Thanks for signing...

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