RIM 3010 Syllabus Spring 09

RIM 3010 Syllabus Spring 09 - RIM 3010-01 Audio For Media:...

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RIM 3010-01 Audio For Media: Syllabus Spring 2009 Instructor: Dr. James Piekarski Office: Mass Comm. Bldg.- Rm. 207 Office Phone: 898-2635 MTSU SNOW DATE HOTLINE: 904-8215 E-mail: jimp@mtsu.edu Class Meeting Time: Tuesdays 4:30 - 7:30 PM in LRC 221 Office Hours: Monday: 1:30-2:30 PM , Tuesday, 10:30 -11:30 PM, Tuesday 7:30 - 8:30 PM (or immediately following this class.) Prerequisites: MATH 1710 College Algebra MUST be completed with a grade minimum grade of C. Course Objectives: • To provide a basic understanding of the technology used in recording and sound reproduction. • To provide the Music Business/Management oriented student with a useful vocabulary covering the area of audio technology and production. • To provide the Technology/Production oriented student with a basic foundation in audio technology in preparation for advanced technology and production RIM courses. Course Materials: Modern Recording Techniques, 6th Edition (or most recent edition), by David Huber & Robert Runstein Testing & Grading (THERE IS NO PLUS/MINUS GRADING FOR THIS COURSE): 3 Terms Tests (100 pts. each) 300 pts. Comprehensive Final Exam 200 pts. Total Points: 500 Grading Scale: A = 100 - 90% D = 69 - 60% B = 89 - 80% F = 59% and below C = 79 - 70% Final Grades Assigned as Follows: A = 500 - 450 points D = 349- 300 points B = 449 - 400 points F = 299 - 0 points C = 399 - 350 points TEST QUESTIONS ARE DRAWN FROM LECTURES AND TEXTBOOK MATERIALS. Students receiving the lottery scholarships must earn a 2.75 GPA after attempting 24 credit hours and a 3.0 GPA after attempting 48 hours or more. Students who drop below full-time status (12 hours) during the first 14 days of the semester will have their awards adjusted and will owe money to the University. Students who drop after the 14th day of class will have their future lottery scholarships suspended unless the drop was approved in advance by the Office of Financial Aid. Students may appeal the suspension if the drop is due to documented personal illness, illness or death of immediate family member, extreme financial hardship, military service, or other extraordinary circumstances beyond the student's control. The lottery appeal form may be obtained at www.edu/financialaid/forms. For more lottery information please see www.tennesseescholardollars.com . STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Please make your special needs know to me so that arrangements can be made. YOU MUST NOTIFY BY THE MONDAY BEFORE THE SCHEDULED DAY OF THE FIRST TEST. You need to be tested and registered in order to qualify. I need to have a letter from The Office of Disabled Student Services informing me in detail of your special needs. Without a letter from The Office of Disabled Student Services, no special provisions can be made. Tentative Schedule For Spring 2008
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This note was uploaded on 04/27/2009 for the course RIM 3010 taught by Professor Piekarski during the Spring '09 term at Middle Tennessee State University.

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RIM 3010 Syllabus Spring 09 - RIM 3010-01 Audio For Media:...

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