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Unformatted text preview: Case Analyses Methodology Good cases are stories, situations, or examples that illustrate an idea, present a problem, offer a dilemma, and force the reader to analyze the situation. Some cases provide information and ask the reader to figure out what to do next; other cases also tell you what was done and the consequences and ask the reader to evaluate the effectiveness of the action or decision and make alternative recommendations. Several steps can help the reader get to the key issues in the case. First, do a stake holder analysis . Analyze the players, all of them, the obvious and unobvious. List what you know about each player. What appears to be his or her issues? Could there be any hidden agendas? Check out your perceptions of the stake holders with others. They may vary. Second, develop a chronology of events . Use a time line or something similar to identify the sequence of events. They may not be in order n the case. Watch out for what appear at first pass to be minor events; events....
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