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Muscles of the Back Intrinsic Muscles of the Back –– innervated by posterior (dorsal) rami of the spinal nn that emerge at levels crossed by muscle fibers (e.g., cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal nn). Muscle Origin Insertion Function Superficial Splenius capitis nuchal ligament, spinous processes C7-T3 mastoid process and nuchal line extend head and neck, rotate head to side contracting Splenius cervicis spinous processes T3-T4 transverse processes C1-4 extend neck, rotate head to side contracting Intermediate (Erector Spinae Group) Iliocostalis iliac crest, ribs 3-12 ribs 1-12, transverse processes C4-C6 extend and laterally flex the vertebral column Longissimus transverse processes C4-L5 transverse processes C2- T12, mastoid process extend head, extend and laterally flex the vertebral column Spinalis spinous processes C7-L2 spinous processes C2-4 and
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Unformatted text preview: T1-8 extend head, extend and laterally flex the vertebral column Deep (transversospinalis muscles) Semispinalis transverse processes C4-T12 occipital bone, spinous processes extend head, cervical and thoracic regions and rotate them to the opposite side Semispinalis capitis Transverse processes T1-T6 Occipital bone, between superior and inferior nuchal lines Powerful rotator and extensor of head and neck Multifidus sacrum, ilium, and transverse processes C4-L5 spinous processes (spanning 24 vertebrae) stabilize vertebrae and rotate vertebral column to opposite side Superficial Back Muscles innervated by the anterior (ventral) rami of spinal nerves Quadratus lumborum Iliac crest (and iliolumbar ligament) Transverse processes of L1 L4 Laterally flexes spine 1...
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