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Cranial Nerve Supplement Cranial Nerve I - The Olfactory Nerve is a purely sensory nerve that is responsible for the sense of smell. The olfactory nerves synapse in the Olfactory Bulbs and sensory information is then transferred through the Olfactory Tracts. Both bulbs and tracts should be identified on the brains. Cranial Nerve II - The Optic Nerve is a purely sensory nerve responsible for sight. The optic nerves meet anterior to the Hypophysis at the Optic Chiasm, where some information carried by each optic nerve crosses over to the opposite Optic Tract. Cranial Nerve III - The Oculomotor Nerve is primarily responsible for innervating muscles that move the eyeball. It also has two parasympathetic functions, altering the shape of the lens to help focus light on the retina, and reducing the size of the pupil and there by the amount of light that enters the eye. Cranial Nerve IV - The Trochlear Nerve innervates one muscle that moves the eyeball. Cranial Nerve V - The Trigeminal Nerve is comprised of three divisions; ophthalmic V1, maxillary V2
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