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Unit 3 Study Guide This study guide is not meant to cover all topics and all details. What I hope it will do is give you some direction in your studies and a way to self-check whether or not you know the major topics covered in unit 3. At the completion of this unit, you should: 1. Know the bones that make up the skull 2. Understand the types of joints that exist in the skull (and be able to name the significant ones). 3. Understand the significance of sutures and fontanelles ossifying post-pardum, and understand the functioning/dysfunctioning of the temporal-mandibular joint. 4. Know the foramina of the skull and the arteries, veins, and nerves associated with each. 5. Be able to visualize the brain (previously studied) and how it fits into the skull and how structures of the brain correspond with structures of the skull (e.g., the cribriform plates and the olfactory bulbs, or the pituitary gland and the sella turcica). 6.
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