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Lecture 7_1-1 - Male Reproductive System Mitosis (Ch. 2, Pp...

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Unformatted text preview: Male Reproductive System Mitosis (Ch. 2, Pp 66-69) All cells (except gametes) Diploid mother cell (2n) Diploid daughter cells (2n) Genetic information replicated Spermatogenesis (Meiosis) Diploid mother cell (spermatogonium) 4 haploid sperm (gametes) Genetic recombination during meiosis I Oogenesis (Meiosis) Oogenesis = 1 oocyte Spermatogenesis = 4 sperm Polar bodies produced Ovulation occurs with the ovum in early metaphase II Reproductive systems Male: produce sperm and introduce these into female system Female: produce eggs, receive sperm, harbor fetus, give birth, nourish offspring Primary organs = produce gametes Secondary organs = required for reproduction Secondary sexual characteristics: distinguish sexes Testes Spermatogenesis Testosterone production/secretion Epididymus = sperm maturation, storage, reabsorbtion Scrotum = muscular sac (Dartos and Cremaster mm) Vas Deferens & Spermatic Cord Ejaculatory mm move sperm Spermatic cord = Testicular NAV + Cremaster mm Vasectomy Clinical Seminal Vesicles SV + Vas Deferens form ejaculatory duct SV produce sperm nourishing solution Prostate Produces alkaline fluid - neutralizes acidic vaginal environment Bulbourethral (Cowper's) Glands Pre-ejaculatory fluid Neutralizes urethral pH lubrication Penis Body: Corpus spongiosum Urethra Corpus cavernosum Deep AA Glans: Sensory nerves Penis: Blood supply Vasodilation = erection Compression of veins maintains erection Deep AA Dorsal AVN Penis: innervation Dorsal N = general sensory and motor Parasympathetic (sacral nn) Vasodilation Sympathetic (Lumbar nn) Closes urethral sphincter Ejaculation (smooth mm of vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and prostate) Clinical Circumcision Removal of prepuce ...
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