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Vessels of the Thorax and Abdomen

Vessels of the Thorax and Abdomen - Inferior Vena Cava...

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Vessels of the Thorax and Abdomen I have attempted to list these structures in a branching pattern (i.e., branches off of arteries, and branches merging into veins). There are A LOT of blood vessels to keep straight. Many of the veins run with their arterial mates and are named in the same way, but not all! Diagram these, and understand the flow of blood through the abdomen and thorax. Ribcage Arteries: Subclavian A Axillary A Internal Thoracic A Anterior intercostal AA Lateral thoracic A Posterior intercostal AA Descending Aorta Veins: Brachiocephalic VV Inferior Vena Cava Azygos V Hemiazygos V Accessory Hemiazygos V Superior intercostal VV Posterior intercostal VV Ascending Lumbar VV Heart Arteries Ascending Aorta Aortic Arch Brachiocephalic Trunk L. Subclavian A L. Common Carotid A Pulmonary Trunk R and L Pulmonary AA (what kind of blood do these carry?) R and L coronary AA Anterior interventricular A Posterior interventricular A R marginal A (branch of R coronary A) Circumflex A Veins Superior Vena Cava
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Unformatted text preview: Inferior Vena Cava Pulmonary VV (what kind of blood do these carry?) Coronary sinus Great cardiac V Middle cardiac V Small cardiac V Abdomen Arteries: Abdominal Aorta Celiac Trunk Left Gastric A Splenic A L. Gastroepiploic A Hepatic A Gastroduodenal A R. Gastroepiploic A R. Gastric A Cystic A Superior Mesenteric A Jejunal branches Ileal branches Middle Colic A. Right Colic A. Ileocolic A Inferior Mesenteric A L. Colic A Sigmoid A. Superior Rectal A. Veins Inferior vena cava Hepatic Portal V L. Gastric V R. Gastric V Cystic V. Splenic V Inferior Mesenteric V L. Colic V Sigmoid V Superior Rectal V Superior Mesenteric V Jejunal V Ileal V Middle Colic V R Colic V Ileocolic V Hepatic vv of the liver Kidneys Renal A Renal V Suprarenal VV Superior Suprarenal AA Middle Suprarenal AA Inferior Suprarenal AA Gonads Testicular A/V Deep AA Dorsal V Ovarian A/V Common Iliac AA/VV External Iliac AA/VV Inferior epigastric AA Internal Iliac AA/VV...
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