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lecture 1-1 - Ribs and More Thoracic Cavity Function:...

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Unformatted text preview: Ribs and More Thoracic Cavity Function: Protection Heart Lungs Esophagus Distal trachea Major A/V Ribs True ribs (1-7) False ribs (8-10) Floating ribs (11-12) Supernumerary ribs Cervical Lumbar Joints Ribs & vertebrae = synovial (gliding) 2 points of contact: body and TVP Joints Sternum & costal cartilage (sternocostal) 1st = cartilaginous joint 2-7th = synovial (gliding) Ribs & costal cartilage (costochondral) = cartilaginous joint Dislocations Separations Muscles of Inspiration Ext. intercostal Diaphragm Int. intercostal (part) Subcostal SCM Scalenes Pecoral mm Serratus ant. Muscles of Expiration Int. Intercostal (costal part) Diaphragm (relaxed) Transverses thoracis Rectus abdominis Ext. oblique Movements Vertical Diaphragm Anteroposterior (pump handle) Intercostal mm Transverse (bucket handle) Intercostal mm Nerves, Arteries and Veins Neurovascular bundle Intercostal Nerve (anterior rami of Thoracic spinal nn) Intercostal Artery (off aorta) Intercostal Vein (azygos system) Internal Thoracic AA (off subclavian) anterior wall Lateral Thoracic AA (off axillary) Arteries Veins ...
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