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Lecture 2_1-2 - Pelvic Girdle and Muscles of the Hip Joint...

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Unformatted text preview: Pelvic Girdle and Muscles of the Hip Joint Joints Pubic symphysis: cartilaginous joint Sacroiliac joint: Synovial joint Little motion Ligaments Ant/Post Sacroiliac Sacrospinous Sacrotuberous Joints: Coxal (Hip) Synovial: ball and socket Coxal Joint Reinforcing ligaments Clinical Hip fractures and replacements Muscles Anterior compartment Flexion at hip Extension at knee Abduction/adduction Femoral N (also Sup. Gluteal N) Muscles Medial Compartment Adduction at hip Flexion at knee Flexion at hip Extension at hip Obturator and tibial N (Add. Magnus hamstring) Muscles Gluteal Region Extension at hip Medial rotation Lateral rotation ABduction P GS OI GI QF Muscles Posterior compartment Extension at hip Flexion at knee Tibial N and Common Fibular/peroneal N (short head of biceps) ...
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