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9 - Is an individual's poverty or wealth caused by...

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Is an individual’s poverty or wealth caused by environment or “blood?” Sociology basis is nurture matters and sometimes nature comes into play. Common viewpoint supported by scientific experiments, explaining why some groups and races do better than other Eugenics: Pseudo-Science, we can decide human races based on breeding or lack thereof. Part of Hitler’s view. Study of prison inmates. Disproportionate numbers of African-Amer- ican men in the prisons. Criminologists would study the inmates and decide that something made these men more prone to crime. Thought that we could study the person’s skull, you could see who was going to be a criminal. Sometimes took harmless forms (better baby contests) however, it could lead to greater atrocities (Nazi Germany). After 1940, people no longer studied eugenics. Sociology rejects this idea because it is a pseudo-science. Since 1909, has believed that there is a biological basis. There is no such thing as “Race”-- anthropologist came up with this came from Franz Boas
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