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notes 3/9/2009

notes 3/9/2009 - Social Construction of Sexuality Chauncey...

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Social Construction of Sexuality Chauncey: trade/fairies. Gay New York. Argues Stonewall is more important than just before and after Stonewall. Positive correlation between progress and time. The reason these myths prevail is because people get the wrong idea and people have significant surge of hidden gays. People thought that maybe gays were part of the Red Scare. People thought that gays were a part of the communist party in the 30’s. Myth of invisibility: Gay men kept their lives invisible and hidden from the rest of American culture. Chauncey argues that gay men were highly visible figures in the early 20s. Integrated into life of the city. More visible gay liberation and visibility in 10’s and 20’ than in 50’s. Myth of isolation: men isolated themselves in certain areas of the city so they can have their own gay areas Myth of the closet: before Stonewall, men hid their sexual preferences but after Stonewall they came out. Coming out of the closet is a relatively contemporary term. Closet is some kind of prison where they are hiding who they really are.
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