notes 4/13/2009

notes 4/13/2009 - Cocaine Cowboys - "Crackademic" most...

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Cocaine Cowboys - “Crackademic” most destructive drug, many deaths in use and trafficking and proposed solution to stop usage. Especially in 1980’s Peak of cocaine was in 1980’s and is historical point when it reaches popularity. This is due to the conscious decision of people to become involved in the cocaine trade Crack cocaine doesn’t make a scene until late 80’s. Crack - cocaine where base has been re- moved, baked with baking soda Explaining Crack Epidemic Crack as a drug problem (Golub and Johnson) What changes are occurring within drug using populations that leads to crack epidemic? Main point of article-> there were drug using precedents Siegel: did massive study of cocaine users and addictiveness of cocaine. Uses monkeys--> will use cocaine whether they get the treat or not. Mammals avert smoke. People are smoking cocaine which has been around since the beginning. Cocaine cigar- ettes. At this point in time cocaine was free and available. You didn’t get the intensity of cocaine from smoking it so they removed the hydrochloride and it becomes free base Seigel notices that a user in peru learned the technique of making free base and know- ledge slowly diffused through network. Very specialized practice. So for very rich people (entertainment industry) and drug industry. Drug free-basers would rent them- selves out to cocaine parties and make the cocaine for people. Then there were kits for free basing. About 300,000. In 1981, historians note there was an underground publication spreading knowledge of crack cocaine (1st recipe of crack cocaine. First in Carribbean and bahamas in 70’s etc) -> Baking soda method Very little knowledge on crack cocaine until there was the accident with Richard Pryor who was free-basing and caught his face on fire and major burns almost killing him. Then the public started hearing about crack
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notes 4/13/2009 - Cocaine Cowboys - "Crackademic" most...

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