Ch. 1-Validity

Ch. 1-Validity - Topic I I Validity and Generalizability of...

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Unformatted text preview: Topic I I: Validity and Generalizability of Findings Validity: Is the conclusion justified? experiments: everything is held constant except the independent variable which is intentionally manioulated. Any change in the depended variable can be att ributed to the change made in the independent variable Valid: what is said when we are successful in manipulating only the independent variable. The procedures justify the conclusion that is drawn about the effect of the independent variable. * * *sometimes other variable change inadvertently with the independent variable in which we cannot determine which variable was responsible for the changes in the dependent variable. Confound: a variable that systematically changes along with the independent variable we are studying. Means to confuse or ruin. Comparabili ty of Participants in every experiment the participants in the control and experimental conditions need to be comparable on all variables. i.e. people who are willing, not willing, or eager to t ry a new drug--> confound the experiment Expectations of participants expectations inf luence patients' behaviors placebo effect: something that by i tself does not have any effect but which does have an effect because an individual expects i t to have an effect ...
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