Ch. 2-Physiology and Behavior

Ch. 2-Physiology and Behavior - Physiology and Behavior...

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Physiology and Behavior Organization of nervous system CNS: brain and spinal cord. Receives stimuli from environment, processes them and sends them back out as a response/action PNS: all nerves outside of CNS, info highways--> carry stimuli in and responses out Somatic division: muscular, voluntary Autonomic division: involuntary sympathetic branch: causing more arousal and responsible for heart rate parasympathetic branch: normalizes systems Brain structures and Behaviors Layers of the brain and localization of functions Brain stem: medulla: power-plant of brain and controls basic physiologic functions such as digestive, HR, and respiratory. Spinal Cord and Behavior Information transmission: this is where information is intaken and processed, and sent out to be sent to nerves and lobes to respond to the intake. Information processing: does this for specific info--> reflexes. Works quickly because spin- al cord has the ability to recognize pain problems and ut gets to arch in the back in the in- ternueron which is sensitive to things like pain. Info continues to the brain but spinal cord sends out immediate message back to the export location. Segments of spinal cord and behavior: nerves that exit the body are parallel to these sec- tions. Cervical: shoulders Thoracic: body Lumbar: groin Sacral: legs If there is damage to the spinal cord, you can diagnose what part was injured by what functions were lost. (parapalegic: sacral damage. quadripalegic: cervical) Christopher Reeves: quadripalegic, smashed C3. Could only control mouth and eyes. Cound’t control breathing or eating.
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Ch. 2-Physiology and Behavior - Physiology and Behavior...

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