Ch. 5-Memory and Forgetting

Ch. 5-Memory and Forgetting - Without a memory you really...

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Without a memory you really wouldn’t be a person. Can’t put new memories into storage if the hippocampus is damaged or diseased. But short-term memory works just fine. The brain reboots every night. Flash bulb memories: something so dramatic that it is engrained into our memories. Usu- ally if we try to recount them, we actively distort and change what we think we remember. Topic I: Psychological processes of memory Three stage model of memory: sensory memory: registration of all incoming stimuli, selection of important stimuli for processing. This material doesn’t last very long because you have to have room for oth- er things. Visual memories the images stay for a few seconds. Auditory memories are longer but still gone quickly. When you look out, you encode things also known as in- terpret the stimuli. Then, you pick out the things that are important or out of the ordin- ary that stand out. Later, you only remember what was relevant at the time (gas station and fast food example) Those memories that are important we attend to. short term memory: thinking, processing, information for storage in the long term memory. Size: you can hold only about 7-9 pieces of information. You don’t have a lot of information to solve problems in your short term memory. Duration: you can hold things in short term memory for 20-30 seconds. If you haven’t used this information by the end of these seconds, then it gets dumped. If you do use the information within this time, the clock resets and eventually gets put into long term memory. We search our short term memory in serial order instead of one at a time. We process information for
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Ch. 5-Memory and Forgetting - Without a memory you really...

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