Ch. 9 - Abnormal Behavior and Treatments

Ch. 9 - Abnormal Behavior and Treatments - Topic I:...

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Topic I: Dissociative Disorders Depersonalization Disorder: occurs frequently. Not serious. You have an out of body experi- ence. You look down on everything that is happening/happened. Normal, but sometimes unusual, not psychotic or anything Dissociative Amnesia: you dissociate bad things from your brain and other thoughts. There is no evidence of this. Just case studies of people who are dead. Extreme example of repression. Dissociative Fugue Disorder: experience a stressful event, you not only obliterate the experi- ence, but you go somewhere else but you create a new identity for yourself. Create a fictional history for yourself. Dissociative Identity Disorder: multiple personality disorder. Occurs when an individual has two distinctly different personalities. They are unaware of the other personality. You have anoth- er personality/person to experience other things for you. Sybil story--> over the course of therapy she found out that she had 15/16 different personalities by the time it was over. each of which stood in for her during a difficult time in her life. This is due to her mother exposing her to hor- rible things about men and sexual abuse. Is a best-seller book and movie. AKA multiple person- ality disorder: no such thing. Sybil was pure fiction. Then was treated for schizophrenia. Rapid Review of Disorders and Symptoms Depression: sad, mood changes, feels worthless, not only are depressed but cannot experience pleasure. Symptoms: 6 Major Symptoms: Cognitive abilities go down. Frontal lobes of the brain are reduced in levels of activit- ies. Thought processes are slowed down which makes you more depressed Physical symptoms: eating patterns. Sleep is disrupted: yo sleep most days and cannot stay asleep at night or early morning awakening. Stress in depression lowers your im- mune system threshold. Important because they mask or hide the inside symptoms and most important features of depression. People just think that they are sick. Frequent thoughts about suicide. You think you are useless and that you would be bet- ter off dead Depression with psychotic features: disorders are when you have major breaks from reality (hallucinations etc. perceptual experiences. Seem very very real. Real experiences they cannot tell from reality). Delusions: beliefs you cannot convince the person that aren’t true. Some aren’t that crazy. Don’t try and argue with a delusional person cause then they will
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Ch. 9 - Abnormal Behavior and Treatments - Topic I:...

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