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Ch. 10- Abnormal Behaviors pt. 2

Ch. 10- Abnormal Behaviors pt. 2 - one has every...

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Deja Vu: (already seen) Memories are stored in an assembly of cells, deja vu is you have an experience and it has shares with other experiences so they fire together and the you weave these two experiences together. The brain makes a mistake by overlapping the two experiences. Psychopaths: disorder that gets people in trouble, not the psychopaths but they hurt everyone around them. Antisocial personality disorder. They don’t have any anxiety and they have nothing to inhibit their inappropriate behavior and no classical conditioning. Very articulate, usually male and very good-looking. makes them into goof con people. They’re convincing. Schizophrenia: terribly frightening disorder because the experiences are unlike anything any-
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Unformatted text preview: one has every experiences due to the crazy hallucinations or delusions. The symptoms are bizarre. Scary also because we couldn’t figure out the cause or treatment for the treatments. We now can treat the positive symptoms but still working on negative symptoms. 65% of the shizos also suffer from serious depression. Memory traces in their hallucinations and delusions are what the remember and they are thinking which causes them to be depressed. If it not genetic, then it can be brought on by prenatal trauma. Some have no eye contact and are completely inappropri-ate, very empty and they are taught in therapy to ignore the symptoms....
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