Ch. 10-Abnormal Behaviors

Ch. 10-Abnormal Behaviors - does work • Misuse of...

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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Individual experiences something frightening. Associate it with combat situations. It can be anything, including a natural disaster. Many people are acquiring this when they come back from Iraq. ANY traumatic situation can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Characteristics-the anxiety and side effects lasts for a long time. It must last at least 6 months. If it lasts less than 6 months then it is an acute anxiety disorder. Symptoms-Flashbacks, Anxiety, Numbing. Example: student yells cover and dives underneath a bush because he is having a flashback to the Vietnam war and he thinks people are about to attack. These experiences last for a long time Treatment-extinguish the response. Experience stimuli over and over in an environment where nothing happens, you will get over the experience. Sometimes people talk about their experience and realize that nothing happens when they talk about it. This treatment
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Unformatted text preview: does work • Misuse of treatment called debriefing. • Known as PTSD • Classical Conditioning • Obsessive-Compulsive • An obsession is a thought that you cant get out of your head • Not any thought, a thought that generates anxiety. You think about someone dying for example, they are all negative thoughts. • Someone is OCD that he hit someone while driving. So on his drive along K 10, he turns around and drives back. Then drives and doesn’t see the body. Then he gets out of his car and walks looking for the body. Then he cant go to sleep. He worries he hit someone so he looks at his car 3 to 4 times for dents. • Things an individual feels they must do or something very terrible will happen. • Knows something does not happen but they can not change the behavior. • 2 Explanations for OCD-• Cognitive Notion-individuals simply have incorrect beliefs • Serotonin levels...
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