chapter 10-abnormal behavior

chapter 10-abnormal behavior - Topic I Dissociative...

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Topic I: Dissociative Disorders Depersonalization Disorder: occurs frequently. Not serious. You have an out of body experience. You look down on everything that is happening/happened. Normal, but sometimes unusual, not psychotic or anything Dissociative Amnesia: you dissociate bad things from your brain and other thoughts. There is no evidence of this. Just case studies of people who are dead. Ex- treme example of repression. Dissociative Fugue Disorder: experience a stressful event, you not only obliterate the experience, but you go somewhere else but you create a new identity for your- self. Create a fictional history for yourself. Dissociative Identity Disorder: multiple personality disorder. Occurs when an indi- vidual has two distinctly different personalities. They are unaware of the other per- sonality. You have another personality/person to experience other things for you. Sybil story--> over the course of therapy she found out that she had 15/16 different personalities by the time it was over. each of which stood in for her during a difficult time in her life. This is due to her mother exposing her to horrible things about men and sexual abuse. Is a best-seller book and movie. AKA multiple personality dis- order: no such thing. Sybil was pure fiction. Then was treated for schizophrenia. Rapid Review of Disorders and Symptoms Depression: sad, mood changes, feels worthless, not only are depressed but cannot experience pleasure. Symptoms: 6 Major Symptoms: Cognitive abilities go down. Frontal lobes of the brain are reduced in levels of activities. Thought processes are slowed down which makes you more de- pressed Physical symptoms: eating patterns. Sleep is disrupted: yo sleep most days and cannot stay asleep at night or early morning awakening. Stress in de- pression lowers your immune system threshold. Important because they mask or hide the inside symptoms and most important features of depres- sion. People just think that they are sick. Frequent thoughts about suicide. You think you are useless and that you would be better off dead Depression with psychotic features: disorders are when you have major breaks from reality (hallucinations etc. perceptual experiences. Seem very very real.
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Real experiences they cannot tell from reality). Delusions: beliefs you cannot convince the person that aren’t true. Some aren’t that crazy. Don’t try and ar- gue with a delusional person cause then they will just come up with another ex- cuse. When people become very depressed, they begin to see delusions.>>>ex-
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chapter 10-abnormal behavior - Topic I Dissociative...

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