Intelligence - 10/30/08 Intelligence Specific abilities...

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10/30/08 Intelligence Specific abilities versus general intelligence What are the specific abilities? Some people are good at piano but not good at math. Or vice versa. Sometimes this is due to brain damage. There is no clear-cut definition of this. What is general intelligence? There is an over-arching general trait of intelligence which is the speed of neuro-processing. This makes your brain work fast. General intelligence is the ability to use information quickly and makes you more efficient and take in many stimuli and process them faster. Or allows you to retrieve information more quickly. Also is related to reaction time. Crystallized Intelligence vs fluid intelligence Crystallized: declarative memories, things you know, specific abilities. Facts, hard pieces of information. Crystals are hard. Correlated to type of schools you went to, levels of school and economic home. Progressively goes up over time. This levels off when you stop going to school because you’re not being exposed to new education Fluid: Ability to solve problems and bring information together to understand and bring information together in an experience. AHA! moment. Not solid. Also moves up pro- gressively until 30’s at which point it is going down. This means you are refining old ideas. We are smarter than our parents in terms of fluid intelligence. But our parents are higher in the crystallized area. Social and Emotional Intelligence Social: being study primarily by psychiatrists. Very smart people in an intellectual sense of crystallized and fluidity. Emotional: knowing what is best for you and how/where you work best. Knowing what you do best and behaving in a way that you are most productive. Mental retardation and giftedness Mental retardation: IQ is not a good measure of mental retardation, you also must be un- able to function in the community. There is no fine line between normality and mental re- tardation. There are many different levels of retardation Genetic Causes: only counts for 25% of people who are retarded. But it does account for the most severe forms of retardation. These individuals have IQ’s of 40-60 Down Syndrome: Have unique characteristics: slanted eyes (mongoloids), squished nose, short stature, stocky, short stubby fingers and have a tongue that is too large for their mouth. If they are relaxed, their tongue is sticking out. Often characteristically loving and caring. However they can be hard to deal with. They are very childish and have IQ comparable to 4 year old child. Caused by genetic problem they have an extra chromosome 21. This is technically trisomate 21. We don’t know why they get the ex- tra chromosome. But we do know about people who give birth to Downs child. The chances of this heightens as the mother ages anytime past 30 and it goes up dramatic- ally and poses a problem these days because women put off getting married and having kids later. We don’t know why age is related to it but maybe it’s because the longer the
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Intelligence - 10/30/08 Intelligence Specific abilities...

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