Psych Intro-Explanations and Theories

Psych Intro-Explanations and Theories - Development of...

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Development of competing explanations for behavior: differences between structural, function- al and Gestalt approaches were “what should be studied?” The main conflict here is “what con- trols behavior?” Psychodynamic perspectice Taken by Sigmund Freud: worked with patients who suffered from symptoms for which no physical causes could be found. Ex: Anna O led to propositions of the unconscious behavior in which people store thoughts or memories that make them anxious Freud argued that the contents of the unconscious continue to influence our behavior without our awareness unconscious was thought of as a psychological toxic waste dump where psychoactive ma- terial has been buried. Defined: an explanation for behavior which suggests that behavior is controlled by uncon- scious processes Behavioral Perspective although notion of unconscious was interesting, there’s no independent evidence for its ex- istence John B, Watson-- U.S. psychologist who suggested that behavior was due to conditioning (learning) Watson conducted “little Albert” study. (a white rat was initially presented to Albert and he was not afraid of it. However, when the rat was presented with a frightening noise that scared Albert, he became scared of the rat because he knew the noise would be accompany- ing it. Thus bringing about a newly learned fear of rats The Humanistic Perspective Freud described people as driven by unconscious conflicts Psychologits argued this ^^^^ was inaccurate because it left our what makes us human. I.E. internal motivation, love, self-esteem, anger etc. Carl Rogers argued that people who asked for psychiatric help had motivation wthin them- selves to solve their problems. Rogers contended that we are driven by basic goodness ---> referred to as humanistic per-
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Psych Intro-Explanations and Theories - Development of...

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