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Psychodynamic explanation of behavior

Psychodynamic explanation of behavior - he was slow getting...

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Psychodynamic Explanations of personality Bio sketch of Freud: born is Czechoslovakia, dad was a railroad merchant, then moved to austria. Important is the fact that he was identified as 1 of 4 kids of whom the family focused all of their resources. They focused on him to get all the education and training so he would become successful and take care of the rest of the family later on. Nobody was going to interrupt Freud’s studying. He wanted to be a military general but he couldn’t because he was a Jew. So he decided on medicine,
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Unformatted text preview: he was slow getting into med school because he would study medicine then study foreign languages etc etc. Very well-educated man. Basicall got kicked out of med school becaue his advisor says he needs to get his practice going. Wilson Brewer is a very successful society physician and ends up mentoring Freud to help him get his practice started. This began Anna O experiment and research...
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