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exam procedures - You can imagine the problems that causes...

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Exam Procedures and Rules for ENGR 111/112 417/420 CVLB will be the headquarters for the exam. If you are not sure of your exam time and location, check the ENGR 111 or 112 web page or Enotes. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT STUDENTS FILL OUT THE SCANTRON SHEET AND EXAM COVER SHEET COMPLETELY AND CORRECTLY. Those who do not become part of the "lost without a name/student ID/section" pile. The cover sheet is self-explanatory but you still need them to fill it out completely. Here is what must be completed on the Scantron Sheet: NAME DEPT and COURSE NO. SECTION NO. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.) Student ID (UIN)#. INSTRUCTOR (YOU) NAME SIGNATURE AND DATE EXAM NO. (1 for 111 or 4 for 112) Be sure to remind them to do this in pencil - every semester someone does it in ink. Also remind them to "bubble in" the appropriate letter/number - again every semester someone forgets. I CANNOT OVEREMPHASIZE HOW IMPORTANT THAT THE STUDENT PUTS THE CORRECT SECTION ON THEIR SCANTRON. If they put the wrong section, their scantron results go to another instructor.
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Unformatted text preview: You can imagine the problems that causes. Just a brief reminder of the exam rules: 1) 90 minute time limit - no exceptions. 2) Closed book, notes. NO NOTECARDS OR FORMULA SHEETS. 3) Students must mark T/F and M/C answers on scantron sheet. Answers circled in their exam question booklet will not be graded. 4) When the students turn in their exams, the scantron sheet should be placed inside the exam questions. EXAM QUESTION MUST BE TURNED IN SO THE WORKOUT PROBLEMS CAN BE GRADED. 5) Instructors/GANTs/ peer teacher should not answer any questions about a problem during the exam. If there is a problem with a question (ie – ambiguous, correct answer not given, etc) it will be dealt with during the grading process. Of course, if a student has an exam that can’t be read (due to duplication problems) a new exam should be issued. 6) No restrictions on calculators. Note: It is a good idea to mark your exam booklet for future reference....
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