Spring 2007 Exam

Spring 2007 Exam - ENGR 111 A/S Exam #1 Feb21 , 2007 Team...

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ENGR 111 – A/S Exam #1 Feb21 , 2007 Name:___________________________ Team No. __________ ID#:_____________________________ Section No. ________ Scoring Rules: There are 15 M/C (multiple-choice) questions @ 3 points each=45 points. There are 2 workout questions worth 40 points. There are 1 graphics questions worth a total of 15 points. Failure to mark the best answer to the M/C on the Scantron provided may result in a significant loss of credit. You must use the Scantron provided by your instructor. The Workout Problems require proper format and documentation for full credit. Failure to properly fill in all identification blanks may result in a loss of credit. You may NOT leave your seat for any reason during the examination. Failure to comply may result in a 5-point penalty. Potentially Useful Constants and Conversion Factors Standard acceleration of free fall, g = 9.80665 m/s 2 Gravitational conversion constant, g c = 2 f m s lb ft lb 32.174 5280 ft per mile and 3 feet per yard 0.0254 m per inch 4.4482 N per lb f 0.3048 m per foot 7.4805 gal per ft 3 0.45359 kg per lb m 14.594 kg per slug 61.02 in 3 per liter 12 inches per foot 0 o C = 273.15 K = 32 o F = 491.67R 1.00 H.P. = 550 ft-lb f per second 100 o C = 212 o F The Instruction Team will respond only to questions relating to Exam administration and Exam legibility and completeness -- i.e., question numbering, page missing. Questions relating to technical interpretation of exam questions will NOT be answered – i.e., what do you mean by?
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This note was uploaded on 04/27/2009 for the course ENGR 111 taught by Professor Walker during the Spring '07 term at Texas A&M.

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Spring 2007 Exam - ENGR 111 A/S Exam #1 Feb21 , 2007 Team...

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