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Beer's Law - organic compounds Next I ordered the elements...

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Chemistry 107 March 11, 2008 Experiment 5 Alien Elements Periodic Table Summary: This periodic table was made to easily understand the new alien elements. After exploring the characteristics of the elements, a table has been created that separates/organizes/shows the elements’ state, atomic mass, and ions that would bond to form Ionic organic compounds in the Alien World. Procedure: I organized the Alien Elements Periodic Table by first separating the solids , liquids, and gases. Next, I separated the noble elements (non reactive elements) as well as the metalloids, non-metals and metals into groups. Then I separated those by Ionic States and
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Unformatted text preview: organic compounds. Next I ordered the elements by atomic mass, grouping them with the noble elements in the center, cations on the left side and anions on the right side. The metalloids were then placed between the solids and the gases on the left side due to the fact that the gases were positively charged. All remaining solids were then placed around the noble gases, fitting them by atomic order. Liquids were placed after the solids down on the right because their atomic weight is much greater than the other elements....
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