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Chemistry 107 October 3, 2005 Experiment 9 Chemical Kinetics: Experimental Determination of a Rate Law Summary: First, the computer was turned on and the logger pro program was opened up. The file experiment 11 was then opened up. Next, the colorimeter was calibrated using a cuvette filled ¾ of the way with water. A graduated cylinder was then filled with 10 mL of .2 M NaOH solution. Another was filled with 10 mL of 8 x 10^(-5) M crystal violet solution. After this was accomplished, these two solutions were combined to start a reaction. Next, the solution was placed in a cuvette and then data began to be recorded.
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Unformatted text preview: The equation of the line produced was then determined. It was a second order. In part B, the same experiment was conducted except that a different value of OH- was used. The value used this time was .2 M. Results: On Lab paper. Graphs and Calculations Discussion: Part A The reaction ended up being a second order. This was derived because the type of graph that best fit the line produced was a 1/x. The data in itself further exploits this point. The rate constant can be seen above. Question three can also be seen above....
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