Chemical Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibrium - Discussion: Part A This lab proved...

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Chemistry 107 October 3, 2005 Experiment 10 Chemical Equilibrium: Determination of an Equilibrium Constant Summary: First, the computer was turned on and the logger pro program was opened up. The file experiment 10 was then opened up. Next, four different solutions were prepared in small beakers. Each solution contained 10 mL. A solution of FeSCN2+ was then created by mixing 18 mL of 0.250 M Fe(NO3)3 and 2 mL of 0.0020 M KSCN in a fifth beacker. After this was accomplished, the colorimeter was calibrated using blue light. Next, data was collected on each of the four solutions and the standard solution. Results: Sample .002 M Fe(NO3)3 (mL) .002 KSCN (mL) H2O (mL) 1 5 2 3 2 5 3 2 3 5 4 1 4 5 5 0 Graphs and Calculations
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Unformatted text preview: Discussion: Part A This lab proved to be a very interesting lab. I would assume that just because the lab is easy that does not mean that not much work will be involved. My classmates and I agreed that this lab was very confusing, because we all seemed to be getting different data. This could be because of he fact that so many solutions and concentrations were taken into account. I do believe that we had many errors in our project, because it took me a great deal of work to figure out this lab. I would request that next time more attention be added when conducting this lab. Also, Dr. Brown should write a caution note to the beginning of this lab....
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Chemical Equilibrium - Discussion: Part A This lab proved...

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