Electroplating Avogadro's Number

Electroplating Avogadro's Number - 2. The power will be run...

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Chemistry 107 October 22, 2007 Experiment 11 Electroplating and the Measurement of Avogadro’s Number Summary: In this experiment tin will be deposited onto a piece of copper through the process of electrolysis. This is where electrical energy is used to force a chemical reaction to occur. In this case that reaction is the electroplating of tin onto copper. In the experiment strips of copper and tin will serve as the electrodes. The electrodes will be hooked up to a power supply and submerged in a solution of SnCl
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The power will be run for five to ten minutes and during this time it will be recorded in the logger pro program. After the time is up the electrodes will be removed and their masses recorded to find the change in mass. Calculate the total amount of charge that flowed through the cell during the electroplating process. You can just let the LoggerPro program do it for you by finding the average current. Graphs and Calculations: ( see attached sheets) Discussion:...
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