Humanities 06.06.08

Humanities 06.06.08 - o Figure out where you can be...

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10C: Final Remarks I. Final Exam a. (20) Vocabulary - 10 @ 2 pts each i. Match up 10 vocabulary words b. (30) Quotes - 5 @ 6 pts each i. 1 title ii. 1 author iii. 4 significance 1. What does the quote say and how does it relate to the text c. (50) Essays - 2 @ 25 pts each i. 2 out of 3 essays ii. Comparison of contexts Bring blue books Learn all the names of the texts and authors Learn who is related to who; learn the name of the major characters Know some major events and dates o Marriage law o The development of Christianity Quotation ID o Finish up the readings o Augustine writes in the first person (I) and Abelard and Heloise o Virgil writes in poetic verses
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Unformatted text preview: o Figure out where you can be confused what is the differences between them (e.g. Mark and Matthew) o Poetry - Virgil and Marie de France Essay o Why/Who/What is their perspective that is unique? o Historical background o Use the vocabulary words o What is the board story of Christianity o How does family structure change? Practice Definition Marriage partner o How does social structure change? Marriage Social mobility o How do different cultures come together? Grey de Tour The golden legend provides the standard, religious description of women.-relations...
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Humanities 06.06.08 - o Figure out where you can be...

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