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Lab7_datasheet - 3 Non-inverting input 4 VEE 5 Offset null...

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ECEN 215 Team_______ __ LAB 7 DATASHEET SECTION II – EWB A. Printout of schematic showing DC measurements (V in , V out ) B. Printout of schematic, AC input and output signals (3 cycles) Measured amplitudes, phase shift between waveforms SECTION IV A. NOMINAL MEASURED % ERROR R 1 R 2,1 R 2,2 V S (+5) V S (+15) Vs(-15) Number pins of opamp symbol and package to match list on the right 1. Offset null 2. Inverting input
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Non-inverting input 4. VEE 5. Offset null 6. Output 7. VCC 8. No connect C. SIMULATED MEASURED % ERROR V in V out E. Plot of input and output signals (3 cycles) Formula to determine phase shift Answer: Measured amplitudes and calculated phase shift F. Compare results and comment on discrepancies if any Answer: TA: ____________________________ - +...
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