Lab_Syllabus - :) 1. Coversheet Signed by TA 2. Objective...

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ECEN 215 LAB Sections 501 and 502 Teaching Assistant Kwadwo Agyepong (Pronounced “Qwejo Ajepon”) Email: Office: ZACH 11A or 11AA Tel: 979-862-8896 Office Hours (tentative)/Make up labs Monday Time:5:30-7:30PM ZACH 006 Grading Pre-Lab : 30 % Post Lab Report (one per team): 6 0% (EWB's) 10% PRE-LABS : Due at the beginning of every lab session : Typed or handwritten (include Team #) : ZERO credit for lab if pre-lab missing LAB REPORTS : Due at the beginning of the next lab session : Must be Typed! NO HANDWRITING : Include plot/printout labeling: Title, axis units, etc Measurements will be verified by TA at end of every session (coversheet + datasheet signature) Note: After lab 2. EWB simulations will become group task instead of individual work That is, only one results will be required from the group and should be attached to the post lab report Report Format ( should include but not limited to
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Unformatted text preview: :) 1. Coversheet Signed by TA 2. Objective In your our own words describe the purpose of the lab 3. Analysis Discuss results rigorously (Answers to every question posed in lab manual , 4 Conclusions Insight into what you have learnt. Was objective met? 5 Appendix Datasheet signed by TA Basic Rules Without Pre-Labs, you will not be admitted into the lab session All labs required to obtain lab credit No food or drinks in the lab Respect lab property as well as each other Follow TA instructions Keep workstation and surrounding area free of trash Arrangements must be made with your TA prior to missing a lab session Make-up labs permitted for university-excused absences only Make-ups must be performed no later than a week after being absent . They are to be performed during the office hours stated above. Projects There may be one or two projects. I will keep you posted....
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Lab_Syllabus - :) 1. Coversheet Signed by TA 2. Objective...

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