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Experiment 15 A, Biology 340, General Genetics, Fall, 2007 1. The attached pages give the steps of an experiment discussed in chapter 15. Review those pages and then answer the following questions. a) what was the hypothesis that experiment was designed to test? b) nuclei from three different cell types were used. Why were these cell types chosen? c) explain the role of DNase I in the experiments. d) S1 nuclease was also used in these experiments. What type of DNA does it cut preferentially? e) please describe the DNA probe. Does this probe bind to the gene that is being expressed or to the gene that is not being expressed?
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Unformatted text preview: Please explain. f) the final data is given as per cent hybridization of DNA probe. This is calculated as the amount of radioactivity in the pellet when S1 nuclease is present divided by amount of radioactivity present in the pellet when S1 nuclease is absent. Please explain why the two numbers would be different. g) Sample data from another experiment is shown below. In which type of cell is the gene being expressed? How do you know? source of nuclei % hybridization of radioactively labeled DNA probe kidney cells 20% muscle cells > 95%...
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