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Genetics in the News It is important to make a connection between material presented in this class and the world outside the university. Therefore I want you to read articles in the newspaper and magazines and notice the number of stories that have something to do with genetics . Choose an article from the New York Times or Christian Science Monitor published in the past six months . You may access the either newspaper at the following web site (you will need to access it on campus). Find the New York Times either by title or location (Central Atlantic) and search for the topic of your choice. The advantage to the Christian Science Monitor is that there is a shortcut for its site. Or you can look at the print edition of the New York Times – it has a good Science Section
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Unformatted text preview: published every Tuesday. Please write up a typed two page paper on the article. Please use space and half, not double spacing with one inch margins. Your paper will summarize the article, but you will also provide a commentary based on your own thinking. It is also a good idea to connect the material in the article with material that we have talked about in class or that is discussed in the book. You will staple a xerox copy of the article to your paper . Please use your own words in your paper. Note: Be careful not choose an article that is too short or that has too little science content. Try to choose an article at a good level for you; it should be not too easy and should include some material that is new to you. Your assignment is due Tuesday, February 26 th...
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