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Problem set 5 – Chapter 15 Review the following problems from the text, but you do not need to turn anything in for these problems: Chapter 15 solved problems S1 through S4, C13 and E5 (we will go over E5 in class Monday or Tuesday) and Chapter 18 solved problem S4. (Remember the answers to the text problems can all be found at the textbook web site.) 1. Gene regulation in eukaryotes: in a multicellular organism with a life cycle with several stages such as yourself, a tomato plant or a moth, please describe the two overall reasons that regulation of gene expression is important in those organisms. 2. What is the difference between general transcription factors and regulatory (or specific) transcription factors? b) What is a regulatory response element and what are the two different types? 3. Please list the three ways that regulatory transcription factors can be modulated and give a specific example of each from the text 4. What is the difference between an open conformation and an open complex? Be
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