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Review Ch 1 - How do those alleles differ from one another...

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Review Sheet for Chapter 1, Biology 340, Spring, 2008 1. What is the usual flow of information in a cell (see Figure 1.6). What is an exception to that? Related questions - Which enzyme is necessary for some RNA viruses to function? Which reaction does that enzyme catalyze? 2. Relationship between genes and traits: carefully review the text and lecture ppt information on the disease phenylketonuria and the PAH gene. How many different mutant alleles are present at that gene locus?
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Unformatted text preview: How do those alleles differ from one another at the molecular level and in terms of their effect on phenotype? What is a compound heterozygote? How might the environment affect the phenotype for an individual with two mutant alleles? How specifically might the genotype at other genes affect the phenotype of that same individual? Also review Figure 1.7 and consider the relationship between genes and traits at different levels. 3. What are the different types of mutations?...
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