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Review Sheet for Chapter 9, Biology 340, Spring, 20078 1. Review the basic qualities that genetic material must have in order to function as genetic material. 2. Chromosomes are made up of both protein and DNA. Why did this make it difficult to determine which one was the genetic material? What qualities do proteins have that made them plausible candidates to be the genetic material? 3. Griffith’s work that demonstrated bacterial transformation provided important information for the experiments performed by Avery, Macleod, and McCarty. Please review his experiment and explain why it was important. 4. Please carefully review the two experiments that demonstrated that DNA is the genetic material. 1) Avery, Macleod, and McCarty – Figure 9.3. Compare this experiment with that of Griffiths and compare the goals of the experiment, methods and results. 2) Hershey and Chase – Figure 9.6 review the information on the chemical composition of DNA and protein as well as bacteriophage biology that made the experiment possible. What was the blender an important tool?
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