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Review Sheet for Chapter 11, Biology 340, Spring, 2008 1. DNA replication: consider the hypotheses of semiconservative replication and conservative replication that Meselson and Stahl tested. Review the techniques they used: centrifugation of DNA isolated from bacteria grown first in media with only N 15 and then transferred to a medium with only N 14 . Review the methods used and the results that they actually did obtain that support the hypothesis of semi-conservative replication and compare with the results that they would have obtained if conservative replication or dispersive replication had occurred. 2. Origin of Replication of bacterial chromosomes – which specific regions are present in ori C in E. coli ? What is the function of each? See figure 11.5, 11.6 and 11.15. Replication is bidirectional from the origin of replication. 3. DNA replication proteins: please carefully review Figures 11.7 as it shows the location of most of the important proteins that are involved in DNA replication. Be sure to review the function of each protein. Note that DNA primase is a type of RNA polymerase. 4. DNA polymerases have two unusual features indicated in Figure 11.9 What effect does each of those characteristics have on DNA replication? 5. Please review the process of DNA synthesis on the leading strand and the lagging strand. See Figures 11.7 and 11.13.
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Review Ch 11 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Review...

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