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Review Ch 15 - Review Sheet for Chapter 15 Biology 340 Fall...

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Review Sheet for Chapter 15, Biology 340, Fall, 2008 1. Overview of gene regulation in eukaryotes: carefully review Figure 15.1. Regulation at the level of transcription: 2. What is a regulatory transcription factor and how is it different from a general transcription factor? Give an example of each type of transcription factor. There are different names for cis-regulatory elements, but the book usually uses the term response element or regulatory element. Review Figure 15.2. Does the orientation of response elements sequences affect their function? See problem C14. 3. Review Figure 15.3 and the structural features of regulatory transcription factors. See also questions C6 and C7. [This will not be emphasized.] 4. What are the three ways that regulatory transcription factors affect transcription rate and occurrence? Review chapter 12 pages 315-318 and see Figure 15.4. 5. There are three ways that the function of regulatory transcription factors is affected or modulated. What are they and what is an example of each? See Question C3 and Figures 15.5, 15.6, 15.7. 6. Changes in chromatin structure: there are two different ways, ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling and covalent changes in the histone proteins, particularly the lysine residues. The occurrence of ATP-dependent remodeling may cause the recruitment of proteins involved in covalent modification of histones. Please review examples of change in chromatin structure in Figures 15.13 and 15.14.
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Review Ch 15 - Review Sheet for Chapter 15 Biology 340 Fall...

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