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Another differentiation between classes was the

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Unformatted text preview: t to benefit from this, as other classes did not see benefits until much later. This creation of class society, however, was not the start of the social revolution. The night of August 4th is what turned the political French revolution into a social revolution. As the peasants raided the houses of nobles on this night, burning feudal records, the nobles were forced to renounce their privileges and merge themselves with the rest of society. This is the night that we begin to see escalated social conflict between classes drive a need for change. The creation of the constitution gave people right based off the virtue of nature. Without the weather conditions and famine increasing anxiety among the French, a social revolution would not have begun. As the rhythms of nature provided often devastating effects upon society, people were forced to modify their ways of life. For society to ever progress, the people of Europe had to learn to adapt and cope. Famine is what led to the French revolution, resulting in a increase in population. The effort to cope with the increased population caused by the French revolution motivated the agricultural revolution, and thus, the industrial revolution. As these revolutions took place Europe saw variation in the way society viewed class, and segregation among classes. The ever-present endeavor of humans to survive off the land in an ever-changing climate was a key trend in Europe between 1700 and 1860. It continues to be today....
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