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As urban sprawl took over great britain the structure

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Unformatted text preview: ed the most from the industrial revolution, widening the gap between the rich and poor. These factory towns and ports were struggling to keep up with the population increase. For the very poorly, dwellings were constructed, while the wealthy lived in much safer high quality houses. Segregation, which was already present at this time, became much more pronounced. Income distribution grew to be more severely uneven. People were now separated from each other based on what their jobs were and their earning levels. Soon, different classes became unfamiliar with one another. It was as if there were two different sets of species among the human population. This was how the economic revolutions lead to social change. This segregation perpetuated itself when sexual ignorance began to mark the poor. They were ill informed about birth control measures; therefore, their birth rates kept at a steady pace, while those of the middle class plummeted. Another differentiation between classes was the decrease in infant mortality rates. The bourgeois were the firs...
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