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Midterm final

High bread prices strained the economy and

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Unformatted text preview: and instability heightened a sense of insecurity within the nation. This grain shortage had French commoners still convinced that the king was involved in a conspiracy to starve them. Panic seized the kingdom, and peasants armed themselves for attacks they worried were in their eminent future. No longer willing to sit by and wait for these attacks to happen, they stormed churches and houses of the nobles, they stole and burned feudal records, which began the denouncement of the nobles privileges. The failure of the French to conform to the agricultural revolution, lead to the timing and impact of the French revolution. Had they conformed, crops would have been better able to withstand climate change, and famine would not have been a regular occurrence. This would mean that the French commoners would not have lived in such great fear that the king was trying to starve them. Built up distress lead to the night of August 4th and October days. The violence in France was out of control due to the lack of authority. In an effort to relieve some of the peasants...
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