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In an effort to bring an end to these imposing

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Unformatted text preview: nd to these imposing threats, crowds stormed Bastille, and seized control of it. Their motives behind this was to send the message to king Louis that even with the power of his troops behind him, he could not take on the people of France. This revolution succeeded, marking the shift in authority from the hands of the monarchy to the hands of the people. Its occurrence can be attributed to the aristocratic revolution. Leading up to the Great Fear, France was in mass hysteria (Fagan 163). The vast majority of the population at this time was peasantry. Many of these peasants owned their own land. At times when weather conditions were good, these peasants were barely able to harvest enough food to feed their families. But when conditions were bad, much like they were prior to the great fear, starvation took hold. This was a time know as the Little Ice Age. Weather conditions were highly unstable which oscillated between heat waves and cool summers. As the weather patterns fluctuated, so did bread prices. High bread prices strained the economy,...
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