Midterm final

Midterm final

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Unformatted text preview: distress, the nobles and aristocracy agreed to give up their privileges and forget their feudal dues, merging themselves with the economy. This turns the French revolution from a political to a social revolution and the assembly begins writing the constitution. Privileges were abolished, and replaced with rights by virtue of natures, but king Louis refuses to approve these changes. During this time, drought hit the nation, causing a shortage of flour and an increase in food prices. As many as 7,000 women, unable to feed their families, march to Versailles demanding that the king approve the declarations of August 4th, and that he be brought the Paris were the people can keep a closer eye on him. The king could no longer resist, and eventually complied. In Great Britain around 1750 the agricultural revolution started to take way and the benefits were tremendous. Harsh weather conditions and an inability to sustain increasing population led the British farmers to reconsider the way they worked the land. With these farming reforms, the population that was...
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