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Overall the effects were more productive

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Unformatted text preview: product. The invention of the steam engine allowed industrialization to persist, which put a greater focus on heavy industries. These industries required more capital and changed the relationship between workers and the products they produce even more. Factories began to boom up across the nation to meet growing demand for goods caused by the population increase. Production levels eventually surpassed consumption levels, leading to fierce competition. This resulted in a decrease in the price of goods, which encouraged employers to lower the wage for factory workers. Innovation of the railroad was encouraged by both land shortages and the high cost of horse fee. Use of the railroad to travel and transport goods had various economic benefits. It freed up resources, made trade easier and provided routes that were no longer dictated so much by the weather and contours of landscape. Railroads, however, drove a need for more regularized time, that was no longer realized from rhythms of nature, but from the use of clocks. This change was initially met with some resistance, but overall the railroad was ecolog...
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