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Poverty increase was simultaneous to increases in

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Unformatted text preview: y increase was simultaneous to increases in bread prices. Starvation and suffering spread throughout France, weakening the social order. Violence broke out, which left the nation out of control. At this time the aristocracy realized a need for reform, and took advantage of the kings weak position. The aristocracy agreed to only aid the king in his reform if the Estate General was allowed to convene once again. The king was forced to accept their wishes, even though he knew it would limit his power, however, before reform could move forward the bourgeois had demands of their own that they wanted met. The winter of 1788-1789 was one of the coldest in history. Snow formed a blockade on roads and rivers froze which brought the transportation of goods to a stop. Most of the commerce was temporarily idled. When spring came, snow thawed, flooding much of the arable land of France. Wheat crops were destroyed setting into motion massive devastation. Starvation began to run rampant, and bread riots broke out. The perpetual hunger o...
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