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The perpetual hunger of the commoners left the third

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Unformatted text preview: f the commoners left the third estate unable to afford to take subtle measures to have their voices heard. They decided to boycott the reform until their demands for a vote by head were met. Bankrupt, the king was forced to grant the wishes of the third estate; however, the third estate was unable to fully appreciate their victory, because at this time, everyone feared and mistrusted everyone else in France (Fagan 164). The wealthy feared turning down the beggars due to threats of vandalism and the National Assembly worried that the king and his troops were plotting against them. They thought that their power wouldnt last long, which was a fair assessment because Louis was just giving them what their wanted in order to buy more time to build up his armies and take back his power. Once the king believed his troops to be sufficient, he initiated a confrontation with the third estate. The state of mistrust in France had the third estate convinced that the king was conspiring to starve them, and the aristocracy to wage war against them. In an effort to bring an e...
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