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With these farming reforms the population that was

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Unformatted text preview: characterized by high birth rates and high death rates began to see lower death rates, in effect expanding the once static population. The introduction of corn and potato crops was the most significant reform, because these crops could withstand more sever weather. Potatoes could be grown in a much shorter growing season requiring less land, and they provided better nutrition for the people. This coupled new land organization techniques, led to increased farming productivity and food supply. Now enough food could be produced to create a market for these crops and capitalist farming was born. Capitalist farming was very beneficial, because it yielded great profits to the farmers. Fodder crops also boosted food supply, giving farmers the ability to keep their livestock fed in the winter. These changes reduced famine and disease in Europe, and thus, improved the quality of life. This, in effect, added some stability to the economy, but the population growth caused a whole new wave of problems. At the beginning of 1760, the British economy and land could...
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